White Artificial Snapdragon Stem

  • £8.00

Impress your guests with the shockingly realistic appearance of these exquisite white artificial snapdragon stems. Elevate any space with the delicate and authentic touch of nature, without any maintenance required! Each snapdragon stem is crafted to perfection adorned with no less than fifteen stunning white blooms, realistic leaves and a soft green stem. It is truly beautiful, flawless replica of the real flower. This snapdragon adds an elegant touch to any faux flower display or can be beautifully showcased on its own.

The stem can be cut or bent to achieve a shorter style.

Need a stunning vase to showcase these? Reach out to us or browse our exquisite collection of vases online.

  • Height 60cm, each stem featuring 15 flowers
  • Wired stem that can be bent or trimmed for your own styling
  • £8 per stem